SARA For Women – Board Member

SARA for Women

Support, Acceptance, Resources, Action

Our Mission- We are a feminist society providing safe refuge and community based resources for women and children. We promote and support women’s efforts to achieve domestic, political, and social equality.

Eligible members and potential Board of Directors are people with interest in supporting our mission.

Membership- Board Director must be a member in good standing of SARA for Women Society

Meeting Times- A commitment to attend approximately 10 board meetings throughout the year, as well as a commitment to sit on one of the Standing Committees of the Board which meet in addition to the board meetings.

Standing Committees – Finance and Contract and Audit, Resource Development, Human Resources, Membership and Recruitment,

Appointments- two-year term, re-appointable for a maximum of six consecutive years.

All members must sign a confidentiality agreement as well as a conflict of interest agreement.



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Relevant Experience and/or Employment.

Please identify area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make to further the mission of SARA

Advocacy/ CEO or enterprise Community Diversity (eg
communications leadership experience Relations gender, culture
Evaluation Fundraising Governance/Board Government/public
Technology experience sector relations
Financial/ Human Industry/Sector IT/e-commerce
accounting/audit Resources experience
Legal/Regulatory Marketing and Operational/ Policy
Sales Service delivery Development
Project Public Policy Risk Management Risk Management
Management Advocacy
Special Events Stakeholder Strategic Planning Other


Please list prior experience serving as a Board member for other non-profit organizations:


What other volunteer commitments do you currently have?


Why are you interested in serving as a Board member for SARA?


Board Members or Committee Members must avoid conflicts between their self-interest and their duty to the organization. In the space below, identify any relationship with any organization that may create a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, by virtue of being appointed to the Board or a Board committee.


Please share any other information you feel important for consideration of your application to serve as a SARA Board member.


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