Anti-racism statement from the Board and Management of SARA for Women

SARA for Women was born of a commitment to equality and justice. We stand with Black communities everywhere in opposition to anti-Black racism and raise our voices in solidarity with those who protest around the world against racism and injustice. We recognize that the recent incidents of police perpetuated violence and murder of Black People stem from a long history of societal oppression of Black People. We also recognize and challenge Canada’s ongoing colonial persecution and control over Indigenous Peoples. Systemic racism that unjustly treats Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Colour permeates all levels of government in Canada and all institutions.
At SARA for Women we are examining our biases (conscious and unconscious), privileges, and actions in relation to Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Colour. We are having uncomfortable conversations and sharing and learning from each other as we uncover and eschew policies and practices that are not in line with our personal and organizational commitments to equality and justice. We will not tolerate racism and oppression in any form within our organization and our communities and we will stand up and raise our voices in opposition to injustices and limits imposed upon anyone’s freedom and potential.
June 24 2020