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How can SARA help you?

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Are you at risk of violence or abuse?

If you are a woman in need of safe shelter and support, SARA can help.


24-hour access



24-hour access


SARA's transition houses are safe, confidential and supportive temporary housing for women – alone or with children. Women and their children can stay for up to 30 days with food and basic necessities provided.

SARA's transition houses are staffed by professional social services workers who can provide emotional support, advocacy, and referrals to local resources.

Drop-in at the Warm Zone – Feel safe and welcome

The Warm Zone

Hours of operation:

Mon – Fri

9 AM-10 PM


9 AM-4 PM

Closed Sundays & statutory holidays



This Abbotsford drop-in center is a a warm and welcoming space for women who are street engaged. Here they have access to several necessities and services:

  • Full bathroom, laundry facilities, and lockers
  • Some clothing and personal-care items

  • Harm reduction supplies
  • Internet and telephone (including long distance)
  • Kitchen stocked with Coffee & snacks
  • Hot meal every Monday at 4pm
  • Support workers and counsellors
  • Advocacy for legal & medical services, income assistance & Ministry of Children and Families

The Warm Zone also helps women who are working on the streets report "bad dates" and develop personal safety plans.

Do you have safe and stable shelter?

SARA has three short-term second stage housing programs to serve women in need of an affordable place to call home.

Christine Lamb Residence


Women and children who are vulnerable can live safe and stable lives with access to counselling, outreach services, and many unique programs at this 41-unit, supported second-stage housing program in Abbotsford. Women who live at Christine Lamb Residence are alcohol- and drug-free.



Santa Rosa is a second-stage 12-unit transitional housing program for women and their children wanting to live in Mission. The women have access to outreach services and programs while living at the residence. Women who live at Santa Rosa are also alcohol- and drug-free.

Penny’s Place


Penny’s Place in Abbotsford is a first-stage housing program that is home to four women who may be active in an addiction, experiencing mental health concerns, and/or be street engaged. Each resident has her own room with a locking door and shares common areas of the house. Outreach services and support are provided to the women who live at Penny's Place.